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The Ultimate in Core Exercise

Comfortably build strength and power in core, back and abdominal muscles without compressing your spine, reducing low back pain and improving range of motion

Home Core Activator™

The ultimate in core and abdominal exercise because it places you in the Spine Neutral Position (SNP) which reduces spine compression. Comfortably build strength and power in core muscles without compressing your spine. The 45 degree angle position activates and engages core muscles more effectively while helping reduce low back pain and improve range of motion (ROM). Instructional exercise chart included for use and reference to exercise properly. Patent protected.

  • Core & Abdominal Exerciser
  • Build Strength & Power in Core Muscles
  • Stretches Muscles Throughout Entire Body
  • Helps Reduce Lower Back Pain
  • Improve Range of Motion (ROM)
  • 45 Degree Angle Position Activates and Engages Core Muscles More Effectively
  • Spine Neutral Position (SNP) Reduces Spine Compression Loads
  • Comfortable Foot Pads for Added Balance and Stability
  • 2 Resistance Bands Included for Complete, Adjustable Core & Body Resistance Workouts
  • Instructional Exercise Chart and Use Guide Included
  • Ships Assembled and Folds Down to Compact 7“ Height, Simply Attach Foot Pads and Resistance Bands
  • Includes Roller Wheels for Easy Storage Under Most Beds or Closets

Product Details:

Base 42.5“ L. X 29.75“ W.
Fully Extended Height 52“
Folded Down Dimensions
42.5“ L. X 29.75“ W. X 7“ H.

Approx. Weight: 50 lbs.

Hammertone Gray Color


Health/Fit/Sport Active

created and
designed in USA